Destination Wedding in Dubai – Setting up budget


Helpful Cost Cutting Tips for Destination Wedding in Dubai!

Recently, we have started receiving a good number of inquiries for destination wedding in Dubai from Indian Couples. Sophistication and convenience – the two major aspects driving the couples to go abroad and host weddings in Dubai. After discussing with few couples about their planning preference, we thought to write this post on cost of destination wedding in Dubai. This post may help a couple in their initial stages of research, if planning to host a destination wedding in Dubai.

destination wedding in Dubai

For mutual convenience, we wedding planners often advice couples to share a wedding budget figure with us. This helps us to suggest them better on the possibilities of wedding planning like scoping locations, venues, vendors etc.

Very often a couple doesn’t have a budget figure in mind or might be confused and looking for suggestions. In such cases our research posts prove helpful in ball parking a budget figure. Below is a guide that may help a couple to understand the cost of destination wedding in Dubai. Read On…

*Don’t miss the helpful tips at the end of the article!

Primary Requirements and Costs

1) Accommodation and Venue hire

For Indian weddings, an international hotel option works best. However, every hotel in Dubai offers luxury services, but couples need to select the one they are comfortable with when planning a destination wedding in Dubai from India
Any 5* hotel property shall offer a room at INR 15K – 25K + tax per night on an average during the wedding season.
Venue rentals: Pool/Ballroom/beach area comes at INR 5L + tax per venue per function.

2) Food and Beverage

Normal buffet food with a mix of Indian and international dishes for 2 meals and a snack may cost INR 6K – 10K + tax per person per day.
Gala dinners with a lavish mocktail spread and array of dishes may cost INR 3K – 6K + tax per person per meal on an average.

3) Alcohol

Alcohol is expensive in UAE and may exceed food cost, you may end up spending INR 10K + tax per person on an average for selected brands.

4) Décor

The cost of décor depends on how lavish you want to keep your function set. Drapes, lights, flowers, truss, props –basic décor may cost INR 5L onwards per function.

5) Entertainment

You may fly your DJ from India or may hire a local one, A local DJ with music console may cost around INR 1L onwards, you may have to bear the travel cost of the DJ flying from India.
Bridal entry, Groom procession, Local band/Orchestra team for reception may cost another 3L

6) Photography

A destination wedding in Dubai isn’t complete without beautiful clicks! Traditinal stills, candid stills, videography may cost around INR 3 – 5L per day. You may fly in your photographer from india for convenience

7) Make up Artiste

Bridal makeup and hair also includes draping may cost INR 40K – 1L on an average.

8) Wedding Planner

Your India wedding planner shall charge you less than that of a local wedding planner. You may opt for paying a fixed fee or a percentage of wedding budget as a charge.

Helpful Tips on Cost Cutting

1) Flexible Wedding Date

Plan your wedding in the low season and avoid major holidays like Christmas, New year and other local holidays of UAE. You may expect extra services and considerable discounts on many services,

2) Complimentary Venue

You may get the function venue complimentary or at a nominal charge if you book the minimum number of rooms required for stay.

3) Complimentary services from hotel.

Hotels may offer few freebies when planning a wedding with them, this could be a wedding cake, honeymoon stay for couple, spa and other selective treatments. Ask for these when paying the booking amount.

4) Food and Alcohol

Choose for buffet servings other than sit down dinner for your function. Also select chicken dishes other than meat, beef or sea food which are expensive. Alcohol is very expensive in Dubai and may exceed food cost, you may choose the option of having an open bar and choose to pay as per actual per consumption.

5) Décor

Flowers are very expensive in Dubai, choose to play with props and lights for your functions. Your wedding planner is the best person to guide you on this

6) Work with Industry Professionals

Invest in a wedding planner before you go ahead and may any booking yourself. Your wedding planner shall guide you best possible options for your wedding which may save costs on major services.

We hope the above information proves helpful as an initial guide to cost of destination wedding in Dubai.

destination wedding in dubai

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