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Say Yes to Luxury, Fashion & Royalty for your Lifetime event. Say Yes to Dubai. You don’t get married everyday.


Enterprising architecture, spectacular skylines, exclusive fashion and style, and affluent modern art scene – We are in Dubai!

Music, poetry, storytelling – Dubai is rich in culture, though most of it is intangible, but there are plenty of opportunities to experience it.

Dubai Destination Wedding

Dubai Feature:


Dubai is the second most popular and rich state of the United Arab Emirates. And lately this state had been experiencing the most advanced, ambitious and grand weddings of the world. Popular for its outstanding attractions, top-notch shopping experience and royal hospitality, Dubai is growing in popularity as a hub for destination weddings. Moreover, the Asian, African and European countries are well connected with Dubai, making it easily reachable from around the world.

Every bit is Luxurious in Dubai, right from the Hotels, Food, Décor and Entertainment. Here is a mini guide for your assistance before you start planning for a Destination Wedding in Dubai.At the end of this article you will get to know why we named this post – Great Dubai Destination Wedding! Let’s Begin…


Dubai is the most loved destinations for couples because of its easy accessability.


  • AirLine, India: Air Arabia and Air India Express are best Low cost Airlines. These operate flights between Delhi to Dubai, very frequently within a week. Many South East Asian airlines also offer cheap flights to Dubai. 108 flights every week between Mumbai to Dubai – SpiceJet, Jet Airways, Flydubai, Emirates, IndiGo, and Air India are the airlines in this route.
  • Air Line, Other Countries: Emirates, main airline have daily flights from most destinations around the world. There are a number of other international carriers that you can choose for your trip.


  • •India: Easy to obtain visa within few days of submitting the application to Hotel or Airline.
  • •Other Countries: UAE entry Visa is Not Required for most European , US, Canadian and Australian citizens.


  • Wedding Friendly Months: November to March – Temperatures are moderate. January is the most optimum month to visit. This is the wedding season too, so most of the couples would be happy to plan their wedding dates around these months.
  • Pocket Friendly Months: June to September – Daily temperature is over scorching 40 degree Celsius. But hotel rates are 20 to 50% less than the season months.


  • •Legal marriage in Dubai is a difficult task for non residents. Paperwork procedure is strict and must be completed within certain timeline.
  • •If you are celebrating a destination wedding, it is advised to legally marry in your home country and then celebrate your wedding in Dubai with a traditional rituals or blessing.
  • •You must keep your legal papers – marriage certificate, ready prior to the marriage taking place
  • •If your marriage certificate is issued in English, it will be required to be translated into Arabic by a court approved translator and then submitted to the Notary Public Office for certification, in order for the marriage to have legal validity.


Luxury five star hotels are at abundance – We cannot name just one! Plus there are thousand reasons why you should choose these properties for your wedding celebration – We are highlighting the significant ones here.

Dubai Destination Wedding

Dubai Destination Wedding: Atlantis, The Palm.

  • Grand Architecture: If your venue vision points to luxury, Dubai hotels should definitely be on the top of your list. A never seen architecture style will grab your attention at the first and never let go and you would feel you have made your choice. But hang on! You haven’t seen the options yet. They are equally fabulous. We cannot name just one – Told you!
  • Contemporary Approach: Rooms, Food, Staff – All savvy style! You could only have one option to choose and that is – The Best! Stay excited.
  • World Class Hospitality: Equipped with all up to date amenities and staff – you have the world luxury to serve you.
  • Royal Significance: As a Pride of luxury, these hotels have been host to the high profile, Royal and VIP weddings.
Dubai Destination Wedding

Dubai Destination Wedding: Grand interiors, 5* Property

Dubai Destination Wedding: Superior Room, 5* Property


In Dubai you can create the wedding of your fantasies. The luxurious five star properties offer many venues to cater to your pre wedding and wedding functions. You could create an exceptional setting that merges tradition with modernity.

Choose your hotel/resort by keeping in mind the kind of wedding you have fantasized. Here are few ideas…

Dubai Destination Wedding

Dubai Destination Wedding: View of the Beach from 5* Property

  • Beach Resort: Wedding set in a lush lawn overlooking the beach.
  • Downtown Hotels: A Setting where you can have a striking view of Burj Khalifa and singing fountain.
  • Dessert Resort: For a authentic and exotic Arabic feel wedding .
  • Other Options: Golf or Polo Club. Less common, private villa or yacht


Rich, Spicy, Fiery – Emirati, Dubai’s authentic cuisine. Inspired from Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine the food of Dubai has a superb mish mash of flavors. Every dish is one of a kind you have ever tasted, so be prepared for an experience.

Dubai Destination Wedding

Dubai Destination Wedding: Authentic Food

  • Authentic Emirati Cuisine: Do you like meat? In Dubai, camel is a popular dish. Camel is one of the main ingredients in Emirati dishes . You can try stuffed camel – a whole camel is stuffed with herbs and spices and then roasted so that the meat for a meal is rich and tender. Also camel meat is cheap to buy.
  • Luxury Hotel Cuisine: The chefs here are likely used to cooking for tastes around the world. Mostly western tastes – Milder and less spicy.


If you want a worldly along with a pinch of Dubai authentic flavored wedding menu, here’s a guide to set the feast for your Dubai Destination Wedding.

Dubai Destination Wedding

Dubai Destination Wedding: Arabic Flavors

Dubai Destination Wedding

Dubai Destination Wedding: Wedding Buffet

    • Arabic Menu: Spice up your platter with some of these authentic dishes: Lamb kibbeh, Seafood kibbeh, Lamb sambousek, Prawns biryani, Lamb tagine, Beef filet mignons with wild forest mushroom.
    • Desserts: Your wedding feast would not be complete without these age old authentic delights: luqaimat – small dibs drizzled with date molasses; Chebab – an Emirati pancake, cardamom and saffron flavored and sweetened by dates. Ranjina – a date based baked dessert. Cheese pastry is yum! Kunafa flavored with vermicelli , a celebration favorite Umm Ali. – deliciously creamy, bread and butter pudding.

Dubai Destination Wedding: Arabic Dessert; Kunafa

    • Beverages: Gahwa, rich and strong Arabic coffee, typically spiced and ceremonial, serve it in traditional small cups, along with a platter of fresh dates. Laban, a cooling buttermilk drink and Ayran is another simple yoghurt based drink, iced and salted.

Dubai Destination Wedding: Gahwa, Arabic coffee

  • Others: Camel milk smoothies, dates sweetened milkshakes, and cappuccinos can be found on the contemporary menus of Dubai.

A Standard Wedding Menu in any 5 star hotel would have: Cold starters, Hot starters, Pasta and Noodles station, Soup station, Main Course selections besides Desserts and Beverages.

Class Conscious? Don’t worry, Dubai is a Luxurious place, everywhere you go and anything you have will be High- Class!.


Liquor laws are strict in Dubai. It is an offence and punishable to drink in public places. Drinking is permitted for tourists only in licensed hotels. This is the very reason that you may have to host your cocktail party in the indoor venues of the Hotel.

You could buy liquor from licensed liquor shops only on specified occasions. However, the luxury hotels offer exceptional wine, beer and cocktail programs. They offer some of the worldly collection of wine and liquor brands. They pride themselves on bringing in some of the best Champagne, bartenders and sommeliers in the world.

You may add some local spirits on the drinks menu of your Dubai Destination wedding…

Jellab and Tamar Hindi: The former is a classic Arabic drink, mish mash of rose water and grape molasses, garnished with raisins and pine nuts. The latter is a traditional drink made with crushed tamarind mixed with water, lemon juice and sugar. A sweet drink with a tangy kick.


Here’s where you could show how classy you are! Well yes, your Dubai destination wedding décor would be the best in the world with the available range of décor materials and suppliers. Select from our range of table and chair linens, red carpet arrival, chinaware and table centerpieces, dance floor, wedding furniture and backdrop structures – All world class décor would leave you awestruck!

Dubai Destination Wedding

Dubai Destination Wedding: Decor in 5* Property

With its proximity to the desert, flowers are expensive as their production is less. But the flower makers of Dubai would make sure your wedding have the best floral décor with their world class creative standards.

Dubai Destination Wedding

Dubai Destination Wedding: Theme Decor Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights Theme: Create awesomeness with the world recognized theme.

Dubai Destination Wedding: Arabian Nights Wedding Buffet

All décor materials are available and would have to be sourced deliberately.


Dubai’s extravagant nightlife would help you source the best of entertainment for your Dubai Destination Wedding, choose from among the popular options available.

Music Band: Local bands works the best, specially for the wedding reception. The band plays your favorite requests and keep everyone else dancing. Exciting? Isn’t it?

DJ : Works best over dinner or during cocktails and canapés. A DJ along with a band would create awesomeness to the atmosphere. Enjoy more musical styles played by a DJ without a break.

Photo booths: These are fun, giving everybody a giggle, and secondly, they give everyone a lovely little souvenir from your big day.

Solo guitarist – Live music is irresistible! Creates an atmosphere of more intimacy and emotion. Adding that extra ‘wow’ factor that you and your guests will remember as a real highlight of your wedding day.

A Zaffah Group: A group performance by 5-6 men usually, with drummers and other musicians. This is a traditional Arabic march, performed to announce the beginning of the wedding ceremony.

Dubai Destination Wedding

Dubai Destination Wedding: Belly Dance Troupe

Belly Dance Troupe: A group or solo performance of young women with background music. You could engage these troupes for a wedding cocktail ceremony


If you plan to extend your stay and make your Dubai Destination Wedding memorable for your guests, indulge in the high-adrenaline activities. Fasten your seatbelt, harness or helmet — it’s going to be an exciting ride.
Between October and March, when the weather calms, Dubai offers limitless opportunities for action on land and sea, or in the air.

Skydiving. …Mountain biking. …Desert camping. …Reef- and wreck-diving. …Climbing and hiking. …Sea kayaking. …Kitesurfing

Dubai Destination Wedding

Dubai Destination Wedding: Sky Diving

All undone are done here!

Overcome your fear – skydive over Palm Jumeirah, Somersault across the Arabian Gulf in a speedboat or speed along the circuit in a race car or ski around The World, paddleboard along the coast or swim with dolphins and sharks. Enjoy a dune bash in the desert or leave the city and fly above the sand in a hot air balloon.


Need to describe the significance? Guess you know that you need them first and also they are your first point of contact for any information you need if you plan to consider Dubai as your wedding destination.
Needless to say, your Dubai Destination Wedding will remain a fantasy till you hire a Wedding Planner.

Before we wrap up, let’s rewind the quick facts on Dubai Destination Wedding

  • •Exclusive and Luxury wedding destination
  • October to May: Best time for Marriage
  • •Weddings in Hotels ONLY: Due to strict alcohol licensing laws
  • Legal Paperwork: Get married in your home country legally and carry your marriage certificate.
  • Logistics: Centrally located, connected worldwide.
  • Luxury Hotels: World class service standards
  • Food: Authentic Arabic, Asian and Western cuisines available
  • Décor & Entertainment: Sophisticated and Exceptional
  • USP: Melting pot of many cultures and nationalities
Dubai Destination Wedding

Dubai Destination Wedding

Now you know why we named this article ‘Great Dubai Destination Wedding’! Need more details? Drop us a mail at

Our Dubai Destination Wedding Packages starts @ INR45Lacs (T&C)
(T&C: 2N & 3D, 100 Guests, Stay + Food + Event Services)

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