Cost of Destination Wedding in Puri

Beach Weddings are already popular in India, but when it comes to look for such destinations, options are very limited. Undoubtedly, your first option would be all time wedding favorite ‘Goa’ and then Kerala and Andaman Islands where destination weddings are still at infancy so they are mostly opted out, logistics are also a hindrance for choosing these destinations. So, apparently there is little scope of having an alternative destination for celebrating a beach wedding other than Goa. Now, as Goa is spoilt with tourism both National & International, weddings are a seriously lavish affair. The costs for stay, décor and other fancy demands touch the sky during peak seasons. Getting a good bargain on selected services is too way as the destination is flattered with generous spenders.

Is it too strainous to get a good bargain for Destination Wedding in the beaches? It indeed is! And as per research and experience, Goa – the most popular destination for beach wedding in India is no-win on bargain during the wedding season.

So what now? Looking for more destination options? First clarify your thoughts…

One, You desire a Beach Wedding, Two, You are on a Constraint Budget, and Three, you consider Goa too expensive!

Now that you have read your mind, shift your focus from the West to East and plan a Destination Wedding in Puri. Set on the shore of Bay of Bengal, Puri is a popular and pious city in Odhisa in Eastern India. The city is known for the world famous Jagannath Temple which is visited by thousands of devotees each day. Many Indians believe to tie nuptial knots in this city as it is considered sacred and divine.  The beaches of Puri are natural wonders, fine white sands; roars of breakers rolling in from the Bay of Bengal will arouse your senses. The charm of the sea, warmth of the atmosphere and ample mouthwatering sea food makes Destination Wedding in Puri a hit!

But when it comes to Planning a Destination Wedding, it is fair enough to comprehend the costs related to it…

Lets assume you are a group of 70 to 100 people looking out to celebrate a 2 Night and 3 day Destination Wedding in Puri. You may want to plan the stay at a good 5*/4* or a 3* Property closer to the beach and major wedding festivities like Mehendi/Sangeet/Ceremony/ Reception etc to be planned at the same location, you may not have the idea of the possible options for stay and venues, how  would the decoration work, are there any good suppliers in Puri, how about the photo & video… & so on, this is a typical requirement.

Lets have a closer look at the major cost components while you gear up to plan a Destination Wedding in Puri.

1) Accommodation/ Stay

This is one of the major element that eat up almost 50% of your wedding budget, particularly when you are paying for everyone’s stay, if not you may pay for the stay of your close relatives & friends.

You can choose from any 5* or 4* beach property which may have an inventory above 90 rooms on an average but, most of the rooms are pre booked by travel agents or charter holiday makers who travel in groups. So if you are looking out for more than 60 rooms at one resort during Oct-March, you may have issue with the availability, even if you are ready to pay. Also, there are limited number of beach properties which have the facilities like banquet , lawn , pool area etc to host destination wedding events, so you need to book your choice well in advance for a good bargain.


5* Beach Properties (which are limited in number) with all facilities would be at least INR 9000 + Taxes, which could possibly include breakfast & airport transfer by coaches. You may also get discounts on spa/laundry as a deal. (Taxes could be anywhere between 8-15%)

4* Beach Properties (which are limited in number and services are 25% compromised from 5*) with all facilities would be atleast INR 4000 -7000 + Taxes,

3* Beach Properties, these are many in number and can range from INR 3000-5000. These properties but do not have the facilities to host wedding events, one can plan the stay of the guests here and the events at any 4* or 5* property.

*You may also choose a Heritage Property for a destination wedding in Puri , this is a beach property with 4* facilities, with around 25+ rooms, tariffs ranging from INR 4000-7000 + Taxes, a perfect setting for an intimate wedding celebration.*

Anything below this would be very basic

The above rates are valid from OCT-MARCH, during the other months you may avail a discount of 20-25% on room tariffs.

The Hotels allow an extra adult or 2 kids below 12 years of age in the same room & charge for it.

So the Calculation is straight forward

Number of Rooms X Number of Nights X Budget = Cost of Stay (Approx)

2) Venue, Food & Beverage

Deciding and hiring the venue and the cost of food and beverage form the second most important component.

However, a 5* or 4* Beach property would have the facilities like sea facing lawns, A/C banquet, pool area etc to host the wedding events. Also these venues could be used free of charge if hiring the whole property for stay on priority. If you are opting for a 3* beach property which may not have a venue you may have to hire any 4* or 5* property venue which may charge INR 50,000 onwards per event for venue only.

Food & Beverage

5* & 4* properties offer varieties of Veg & Non Veg dishes on buffet menu. However the quality of the food is not guaranteed in the same proportion. Regular buffet meals charges for any 5* property may around INR 750- 1500 + taxes and that for any 4* property may around INR 650- 900 + taxes.

So the individual costs of meals are as follows:

For a 5* property…

Breakfast: Included + Lunch: Regular buffet starts from 750 – 1500 + taxes + Hi Tea snack at 400 + taxes + Gala Dinner 1500-2000 + taxes.

For a 4* Property…

Breakfast: Included + Lunch: Regular buffet starts from 650 – 900 + taxes + Hi Tea snack at 350 + taxes + Gala Dinner 1000-1500 + taxes.

As far as Drinks (beverages like Water, Soft Drinks, Juices, Liquor, Wine, Mixers etc) are concerned, generally couples opt to pay as per actual consumption. Hotels offer special Bottle rates and do not charge per drink.

  1. The venue setup & decoration

This typically includes setting up the venue, Mandap, floral decoration and arrangements, Welcome entrances, Stages & backdrops, illumination & ambiance lighting, Table decoration, Props, Table linens & runners, dressed chairs with tie back and most of stuff related to it.

The costs may completely depend on your tastes and preferences and also a bit on your budget. To give you an approximate idea, any pre wedding event décor may cost anywhere starting from INR 100000 to 200000 and Wedding décor may cost anywhere starting from INR 200000 to 300000 on an average.

So for 2-3 events costs may come up from INR 500000 to 700000 on an average.

  1. Music, DJ & Entertainment

You may choose from the folk music and dance for the entertainment of the guests which could be a unique refreshment and little light on pocket starting from around 15000- 25000 for folk dance and music show.

Other than that you have wide varieties of DJ and performing artists to choose from like sufi singers, ghazal singers , belly dancers etc for entertaining your guests.

  1. Photography & Videography

It is advised to select and bring your own photographer or ask your wedding planner to get you one as there are limited number of good photographers in Puri, also work quality could not be guaranteed.

To give you an idea about the cost on an average, candid photography may cost from INR 15000 – 20000 per day, however videography may range from INR 40000 – 70000 per day. These are the standard rates if a photographer is chosen from a nearby metro city say Kolkata. Also the transportation + food + stay expenses of the photographer and its team have to be taken care by the bridal party.

  1. Transportation within Puri

Transportation to Puri: Approx 60 km from Bhubaneswar Airport with daily flights connecting major cities like Delhi, Mumbai & Chennai. It is an 8hour journey by train from Sealdah/Howrah Junction near Kolkata to Puri station.

Transportation within Puri includes travel from Airport/Station to Hotel and Back. Planning a small outing for few guests within the destination.

Individual AC Cars costs around INR 2000 per day on an average including 80kms max or 8hours of running with 5 guests max. You can hire AC coaches on the same basis at INR 4000 – 8000 per day with 12 guests max.

  1. More Costs

There are several elements which would be present as per your preference and budget. Be it Wedding Procession (Baraat). Also the Top priority element for the bride… Vanity Artiste, it is better get an advice of your wedding planner before hiring any localite, same is the case for Mehendi Artiste.

There are suppliers on special demand…Return gifts, welcome notes, customized stationary, designer fireworks and the list is never ending.

To wrap it up if you decide to hire a wedding planner who would help you with the organization, share some crazy ideas, interact with your guests, be on site to coordinate everything and even save you some bucks, you have to incorporate the cost of wedding planner as well.

So, the overall idea of the budget would be INR 15 Lakh onwards which could possibly include Stay+F&B+Décor+Entertainment+Photo+Video+Msc for a 2 Night and 3 day celebration along with 100 guests. (T&C)

Here are some Helpful Tips:
  • Look out for the Beach Resorts in Swargardar lane and Chakratirtha Road before finalizing a booking.
  • Destination Wedding in Puri could be a hit for sea food lovers; you can taste variety of fish curries and fries. The veg platter is also up to the mark and you can expect tasty food in every regular buffet.
  • You may look out for special entertainment like folk song and music to entertain your guests. You can also ask for special arrangements for a bonfire night beside the beach.
  • It is advised to bring your own vanity artiste and photographer or take references from your wedding planner before hiring any localite.
  • To keep your budget checklist organized hire a wedding planner who charges a fixed fee.

Looks like Puri be in your destination’s list? Wish to know more about Destination Wedding in Puri? Drop a mail at or submit the Enquiry Form.

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