The Fall season wedding.

The Fall season stands most experimenting when it comes to celebrate a wedding. This season gives you an opportunity to experience romance in an unusual romantic way choosing from the most exciting and autumn-spree hues from the Indian wedding colour palette.

Starting from the shades of Fuchsia to Orange tint further to vibrant Red or experimenting with Olive green & gold mix, the Fall season gives you opportunity to go glam, vintage or rustic depending on your choice.

The color scheme forms the basis for the wedding decor- it impacts the choice of your bridal attire and all other effects including the makeup, jewelry, shoes etc. When you choose a particular color theme for your wedding, it is sure to set the right mood for the celebrations.
A Wedding planner, if you have hired one, can be very supportive in helping you choose a theme as well as the colors for your special Day. It is important that you first decide whether you want a theme based décor or one that is inspired by colors; so you can be sure to get what you have in mind.
Celebrate Love in this Fall season, no other time could be perfect, as you are one among a million! 

1. Fuchsia: That instant romance factor. Fuschia is fabulous for many reasons — it’s bursting with feel-good vibes and it works best with glamorously-styled affairs. This color can be used in any season; particularly the Fall season where it can add a glamour quotient to outdoor weddings.
Our palette:
#Fuchsia, purple&light yellow
You can also go for:
# Fuschia, Gold & Beige
# Fuschia & Latte

2)Red: The couple who isn’t afraid to go bold! Red is bound to make a huge statement and so for that reason, couples should think about balance when using this color. This impactful hue works for any season but it lends itself especially well to a modern-themed bash. To make it more vibrant experiment with gold & purple hues.
Our palette:
#Red, gold& purple
You can also go for:
# Red, Camel & White
# Red, Green & White

3) Orange: This particular colour compliments the traditional & modern combo, go vintage or rustic in the autumn-spree, stay overstated!
Our palette:
#Orange,gold& pearl white
You can also go for:
#Orange, yellow & white
#Orange, brown & white

4) Olive: Experiment with the strokes of olive- green that reflects positivity, royalty & glamour. For the bride who has fallen for the Fall season- check with polki jewelry to match the glamour.
Our palette:
#Olive-green, orange& gold.
You can also go for:
#Olive-green, peach& white.
#Olive-green, light pink, white.

Cheers to your chosen palette!

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